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The WEDGE (Weapon Electronics Dividing Gap Eraser) is the minimalist solution to button differentiation. Installs between two standard ModButton Lite switches and weighs a fraction of a gram.

Ideal for night vision users with dual ModButton setups who prefer flat buttons or are using thicker suppressor compatible rails for platforms like the MCX.

This product provides a simple, cheap and effective solution for users who previously had to leave a gap between buttons or add grip tape to differentiate them.


Use code WEDGESHIP for reduced shipping and handling costs. Only for orders with just one wedge and nothing else. Limited to one use per customer. If you use it with any other items the order will be cancelled.



Material: Nylon Polymer

Weight: 0.02oz (0.5g)

Instructions: Available Here

Color: Black

Made in the USA



Length: 0.16" (4mm)

Width: 1.15" (29mm)

Height: 0.65" (17mm)

Height Above Button Surface: 0.15" (4mm)

*The WEDGE does not include ModButton Lites and requires two to function, grab them here.