The CAB (Covert Asymmetric Basepad) provides end users with the lowest vertical profile coupled magazine system on the market. By extending the secondary magazine capacity 5 rounds, the CAB allows for unhindered movement of the dust cover and use of all control surfaces. Intended for use with 20 round M3 Pmags the CAB is ideal for situations in which maximizing the on platform round count is essential while still maintaining a low profile. The CAB uses the original magazine spring and features a standard floorplate lock for the primary magazine and friction locking system for the secondary magazine.

*Only compatible with 10, 20, 30, 40 and 300BLK (may require light sanding of base to fit, detailed in instructions) model M3 generation Pmags. While the CAB is compatible with those options we recommend using a Magpul coupler and plus five basepad of your choice for 30 and 40 round magazines instead of the CAB.*



Material: Nylon Polymer

Weight: 01.41oz (40g)

Weight unloaded with PMAG 20s.

Storage: +5 to Left, +0 to Right

Included Hardware: 8-32 1" Set Screw

Instructions: Available Here

Color: Black

Made in the USA



Length: 2.90" (29mm)

Width: 2.65" (29mm)

Height: 1.21" (27mm)


*The CAB does not include PMAGs and requires two to function. The CAB is not a magazine.