***COMING MAY 2023***

The KIJI CAP is a light shaping diffuser (LSD) designed in collaboration with our friends at Villain Weapon Systems that replaces the standard diffusing cap providing the user with increased functionality and features.

The KIJI CAP features two distinct models for each Kiji style. For the 3° Kiji model we offer a 30° Full Diffuse or a 15° Diffuse with a through hole for the 3° illuminator. 10° Kiji model specs will be released later.




Material: Nylon Polymer

Weight: 0.18oz (5g)

Color: Black

Made in the USA



Length: 1.15" (29mm)

Width: 1.15" (29mm)

Height: 0.83" (21mm)


*The KIJI CAP does not include a Kiji device or any additional items depicted, grab one here.