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The HUNCHBACK, based off the original RAMP, is designed to be seated directly behind the aluminum ModButton and provide an ergonomic and discernable activation method for ModButton Lite switches.*

Utilizing the same rail grabber design as the original, the HUNCHBACK positions the Button at a reduced 13.5 degree angle while taking up the same footprint as a normal ModButton Lite.

The HUNCHBACK, also referred to as the "Reduced Angle RAMP" previously, can be run separately from the aluminum ModButton or with a standard ModButton Lite.



Material: Nylon Polymer

Weight: 0.46oz (13g)

Cable Side: Right or Left

Included Hardware: Rail Grabber Nut (2)

Instructions: Available Here

Color: Black

Made in the USA



Length: 1.15" (29mm)

Width: 1.15" (29mm)

Height: 0.83" (21mm)

Height Above Rail Surface: 0.55" (14mm)

*The RAMP does not include a ModButton Lite and requires one to function, grab one here.